Tunisia: The Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea


Genre: TV Documentary

Length: 30 minutes

Directed by: Max Bartoli & Max Coleman

Written by: Max Coleman

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Max Coleman, Elena Monorchio for the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism.

Cinematography by: Francesco Menghini

Edited by: Leandro Cattani

Music by: Fabio Varesi

2D Graphics by: Sergio D’Innocenzo.

Shooting Locations: Different locations in Tunisia

Logline: A 30-minute visit to Tunisia ‘s best holiday resorts and archeological sites. From Tunis to Douga to Bulla Regia, from the Romans through modern times, this documentary contains footage of the most expensive spas, hotels and casinos, and aerial shots of all the best locations in this jewel of Africa.





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