Time Travellers


Genre: TV Documentary

Length: 42 minutes

Directed by: Max Bartoli

Written by: Max Bartoli

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Peter A. Teale

Cinematography by: Francesco Menghini

Costumes by: Francesca Severi

Music by: Fabio Varesi

2D Graphics by: Enlighten Pictures Ltd

Shooting Locations: Different locations in Italy

Logline: Time Travellers is a factual documentary depicting the evolution of customs and lifestyle from the Roman Empire to the beginning of the 20th century.

It contains:

  • Short scenes of ancient daily life re-enacted;
  • CGI computer simulations of ancient cities and villages; Present-day footage of cities and villages;
  • Interviews with experts, archeologists and researchers from the Universities of Rome, Florence and Siena.

Shot in the Italian medieval towns of Florence, Siena, Bevagna, Assisi, Todi and San Gimignano, the documentary focuses on: (i) How time was measured and “conceived” until the ‘merchant time’ (the time measured by a clock) was introduced; (ii) The function of the medieval towers; (iii) The evolution of clothing; (iv) How people made parchment, ink and candles in the middle ages; (v) The evolution of marriage; (vi) How rites and habits evolved throughout the centuries in Europe and especially in both large cities and small villages, in XII and XIII century Italy.

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