The Secret of Joy


Genre: Fantasy / Medieval

Length: 15 minutes

Cast: Doris Roberts, Maria Conchita Alonso, Jack BettsThaao Penghlis, So-ia Milos, Ava Ames, Massi FurlanSilvia Baldassini, Mia Christou, Lindsay WolfAnoush Nevart, Dave Crossland, Jonathan TealeCarlos Antonio Leon, Maria Elena Infantino, Jonathan Coogan, ToriLondon , Leif GantvoortLaura Bayonas, Cynthia Quiles, Dina MorroneTaraGeorge, Bryan Talbot, Francesco Mazzei, Marci Miller, Ety List.

Distributed by: MaXaM Production

Directed by: Max Bartoli

Screenplay by: Max Bartoli, Fabiola Lopez Bartoli

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Fabiola Lopez Bartoli

Co-­‐Produced by: Edoardo Di Silvestri, Peter Odio, Luca Severi,Mike Rizzuto, Peter A. Teale

Executive Produced by: ToriLondon

Associate Produced by:  Erika Bowinkel, ValentinaMartelli ,Carlos Antonio Leon, Maria Elena Infantino, Arne List

Cinematography by: Halyna Hutchins

Editing by: Max Bartoli and FernandoSalazar

Production Design by: Giles Masters

Costumes by: Andrea Sorrentino

Sound Design by: Casey Genton

Sound Mix by: Craig Mann

Music by: Gianluca Cucchiara

Lyricsby: Andrew Whelan

VFX by: Hammer Head Productions

Shooting Locations: Los Angeles, Atomic Studios.

Logline: A girl’s dream in King Arthur’s world, a land populated by valiant knights, beautiful fairies, little elves and monsters to be defeated. A world of beauty only a child can imagine; a tale that enchants the viewers until we realize we’ve been watching the dream of a child battling cancer.

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