The Mission

Genre: Docu-Reality.

Length: 6X60 minute episodes.

Directed by: TBA

Idea by: Max Bartoli & Francesco Licata

Music by: Gianluca Cucchiara

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Fabiola Lopez Bartoli and  Peter A. Teale

“10 people from 4 countries…

6 jeeps and 3 trucks full of medicines . . .

a 10,000 Km journey through desert, minefields and guerrillas . . .

a race against time to save hundreds of lives . . .

How much would YOU risk to save only one?”

Logline: This series tells the extraordinary story of a group of volunteers who will cross the Sahara desert to bring medicines and humanitarian aid to two refugee camps and three missions in Chad. Ten people of different nationalities, ages and religions brought together by the willingness to help and the realization that their efforts will be repaid only by a smile.

The mission: to reach the Southeast of Chad and deliver medicines, books and money to Bongor, Bekamba and Mongo missions where refugees are living in desperate conditions.  A journey of more than 10,000 Km through the insidious Tunisian and Libyan Sahara with predators, Tubu guerrillas and landmines left behind by the French and Libyan armies.

A race against time to try and save as many children as possible at the Darfur border, where pneumonia and other viral diseases kill hundreds every day.

A journey inside an unknown Africa full of unique human stories that deserve to be told.

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