Postcard From the Past

poster-postcardsGenre: TV Documentary

Length: 60 minutes

Directed by: Max Bartoli

Written by: Max Bartoli

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Peter A. Teale

Cinematography by: Francesco Menghini

Costumes by: Francesca Severi

Music by: Fabio Varesi

2D Graphics by: Enlighten Pictures Ltd

Shooting Locations: San Gimignano, Siena (Italy)

Logline: “Postcard From The Past” is a TV documentary that celebrates the artistic and historical heritage of medieval and renaissance Italy, its villages, traditions, folklore, history and legends. In particular the documentary describes the unique historical treasures of San Gimignano, declared ‘Patrimony of Humanity’ by Unesco.

We stop by and explore the little town’s beautiful Duomo or Collegiate Church, consecrated in 1148 and adorned with valuable Sienese School frescoes: “The Old and the New Testament” by Bartolo di Fredi; the People’s Palace courtyard and its famous Dante’s Hall with “The Maestà” by Lippo Memmi; the Civic Museum and the Picture Gallery.  We walk up the steps of its unique medieval towers, discover their defensive function and explore the ugly palace of torture where the ‘tools’ used are displayed in the museum.

This and more in a documentary that aims to promote the medieval and renaissance Italian small town of San Gimignano (Tuscany) relatively unknown, but attractive tourist’s destinations.

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