ignotus_posterGenre: Short film

Length: 15 minutes

Cast: Sergio Sivori, Nadya Cazan, Franco Mannella,Cristina Giordana, Bruno Stanzione

Distributed by: MaXaM Productions Holding LLC

Directed by: Max Bartoli

Written by: Max Bartoli, Daniela De Luca, Jeffrey Stackhouse

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Peter A. Teale

Cinematography by: Maurizio Calvesi

Editing by: Arzu Volkan

Sound Design by: Antongiorgio Sabia

Costumes by: Francesca Severi / Sartoria Farani

Music by: Monica Cioci

Orchestrations by: Rino Amato

2D Graphics by: Sergio D’Innocenzo, Plan B Communication

Shooting Locations: Rome, Tuscania (Italy)

Awards: Ignotus has won 25 major awards in 18 months including 9 Best Short Film, 2 Grand Jury Awards, and the coveted “Cisterna d’Argento,” an International prize previously accepted by Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, Mikail Gorbachev and by the current Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

Logline: Italy, XIII century: a wounded knight recalls the most important moments of his life before his enemies reach him to finish him off. His mother’s death, his knighthood and his wedding with Lady Isabella, the crusade against the Cathars and the process against his family all replay in his mind one last time. But just when everything seems to be lost…

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