Coliseum: the Immortality of Ancient Rome

poster-colosseoGenre: TV Documentary

Length: 42 minutes

Directed by: Max Coleman & Max Bartoli

Written by: Max Bartoli

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Max Coleman for Capitalia Bank SpA

Cinematography by: Francesco Menghini

Edited by: Leandro Cattani

Music by: Fabio Varesi

2D Graphics by: Sergio D’Innocenzo

Shooting Locations: Rome (Italy)

Logline: Coliseum is a documentary about the Coliseum, one of the wonders in modern time. The documentary tells the monument’s story throughout the main events of its history from the day of its inauguration in 80 A.D. until the most modern restorations.

Production Note:Coliseum was commissioned by and produced for Capitalia Bank (now merged in the Unicredit Group) by MaXaM Productions in association with Rotella and Partners SpA and with the Soprintendenza delle Belle Arti fo Rome.  A 5-minute version of it was screened in loop on twenty video-walls displaced along Via dei Fori Imperiali, just outside of the Coliseum, for Simon & Garfunkel’s concert in Rome in July 2004. A longer version was then broadcast by the Italian National TV.

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