Code Name Oracle

Genre: Action/Adventure, Treasure-hunt

Length: 120 minutes

International Sales Rep: Highland Film Group

Directed by: Max Bartoli

Story by: Max Bartoli, Jeffrey Stackhouse

Written by: Max Bartoli, Blerime Topalli

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Fabiola Lopez Bartoli

US Line Production by: Richard Luke Rothschild

Italian Line Production by: Alberto Brusco

Cinematography by: Tani Canivari

Editing by: Arzu Volkan

Sound Design by: William Britt

Production Design by: Giuliano Pannuti

Art Direction by: Pasquale Triccoci

VFX Supervision by: Michael Grobe

Shooting Locations: Rome (Italy)

Synopsis: At the height of the Roman Empire a young man dies a mysterious death on the banks of the Nile, creating a cult, which will change the face of civilization.

His features are struck on coins and his eyes stare from every statue, yet the location of his final resting place ultimately vanishes in the sea of time. Now an archaeologist and the greatest computer hacker in the world have stumbled onto something both amazing and terrifying, a secret they wish they did not possess but that powerful forces will kill to protect.

Through the magnificent streets of modern Rome and in a haunting ancient city buried deep beneath her hills, the hunt for a treasure stolen from the library of Alexandria becomes a desperate and deadly race to save their lives, and unravel the tangled mystery of the lost boy god.”

Following the tradition of movies like “The Da Vinci Code” and “National Treasure”, Code Name Oracle will meld factual historical mystery with edge-of-the-seat adventure in beautiful and extraordinary locations.

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