Atlantis Down


Genre: Sci-Fi

Length: 88 minutes

Cast: Michael Rooker, Dean Haglund, Greg TravisTravis Quentin Young, Kera O’Bryon, Mae FloresDarla Grese,Tony Ware

Distributed by: Entertainment 7

Directed by: Max Bartoli

Screenplay by: Sam Ingraffia, Doug Burch, Max Bartoli

Produced by: Max Bartoli, Peter A. TealeSam IngraffiaDoug Burch

Executive Produced by: Ethan Marten

Cinematography by: Eric Hurt

Editing by: Arzu Volkan

Sound Design byWilliam Britt

Music by: Rino Amato

Costumes by: Franca Bartoli

Set Design by: Antonio De Luca

VFX Supervision by: Adam Rote

VF Effects by: Pixel Wand FX

Shooting Locations: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth (Virginia) and Kitty Hawk (North Carolina)

Logline: 2025 – the Shuttle has been relegated to glorified taxi. On a routine mission shuttle Atlantis encounters bursts of light shutting down its instrumentation leaving it adrift in space with Rookie Astronaut Travis Black. The rest of the crew find themselves in the middle of a barren, desert wasteland. Crewmembers begin dying in bizarre ways. Travis comes to realize that he has been chosen to compete in some sort of galactic chess game with an Alien entity.

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