About Us

MaXaM Productions Holding LLC is an entertainment production company focused on the development of original content for film, television and multi-media platforms. With headquarters in Los Angeles and representative offices in London and Rome, MaXaM is ideally placed to take advantage of market developments in 360-degree media.

All current projects are conceptualized for multi-platform, integrated fan engagements from inception. By enlisting transmedia specialists during the development process, MaXaM builds greater leverage with audiences, expands marketing and merchandizing opportunities, and strategically extends narratives to build long-term franchise potential.

MaXaM’s portfolio of more than a dozen media properties spans action, drama, comedy, animation, and documentary. Due to our exclusive access to unique and historical locations on three continents, as well as our stable of award-winning writers, directors and producers, MaXaM leverages internal capabilities that allow us to pursue larger scale productions at a fraction of the cost.

Every industry depends on innovation to assure its future, yet innovation also requires a healthy amount of risk. As experts in future trends and technologies for the entertainment industry, MaXaM performs constant research into new strategic and distribution models that place innovation safely at the core of your project.

In addition, MaXaM takes the lead on bringing projects through from inception to completion, ensuring consistency while strategically expanding narratives beyond main driving content to build audience and revenues.

Thank to our experience in production and strategic and creative capabilities, we understand everything from soup-to-nuts production to relationships with brand and technology partners, as well as the importance of preparing projects for success in the global marketplace. MaXaM ensures production decisions are knit together firmly with our distribution and sales potential to meet strategic and financial milestones.

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